The Preeminent Christ – A poem


November 5, 2012 by nathanodell

So I wrote a poem based on Colossians chapter 1. This poem is a proclamation of the greatness and supremacy of Christ and everything He accomplished. May we encounter and enjoy the vast riches of Christ anew. Enjoy.


By Him, Through Him and For Him


By His power according to His plan

Through His own image He created man

For He desired a counterpart

To match and express Him from the start


Into the darkness of death we fell

Held captive by a lifeless spell

His counterpart shamefully fell apart

To restore required a fresh start


But it was the Father’s good pleasure

Himself in His beloved Son to reveal

To fill Him with Love beyond measure

The mystery no longer to conceal


Through the magnificent incarnation

God joined Himself to every nation

Human history became His Story

Christ in man the hope of Glory


Fallen flesh was destroyed on the cross

He as us, suffered the loss

What a Christ, what a man!

He reconciled all things, according to His plan


Delivered us from this dark earth

Through death and our new birth

Into the kingdom of the Son of His Love

Our home and joy is high above


By His blood, shame was washed away

Peace ushered in, eternity to stay

Holy and blameless in His sight

Oh what a Lord! What magnificent Might.


He is supreme and higher than all

Above thrones and rulers He stands tall

For by Him, through Him and for Him all things consist

How can we, this Christ resist?


One thought on “The Preeminent Christ – A poem

  1. Elsa says:

    Wow amen. We cannot resist Him.

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